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Congratulations for making the decision to have a successful future. Improving your financial situation or getting a wealth coach (financial planner) is something that is reserved for the few. There aren’t many people who go out of the way and get out of their comfort zone in order to improve their life and get their finances in order.


Get Matched With The Perfect Life Insurance….. It only takes 2 minutes!Get Matched Now

Life Insurance For Your Situation

We know you work hard for every cent you earn. Whether your in the manufacturing industry, health, defence or retail it’s time to make your money work for you and not only work for money.

Why is it that the wealthy and the poor have the the same amount of hours but one person will use their situation as a reason to take action and thrive while another becomes a victim. This is why we have developed this site with South Australians in mind.

The median income of a South Australian on average is lower than the rest of Australia and unemployment rates are nearly 10% in some areas of the state. This is unacceptable.

Our goal is to change this situation one person at a time. We hope, even if your situation is better than average, you will see the benefits in filling in the two minute form.

How do I actually compare policies?

The process of comparing different policies is actually quite easy if you follow some of these steps:

What is the minimum and maximum cover amount?

Find out what you can actually be insured for and what you stand to receive in the event of a claim. Some insurers will allow for an unlimited amount of life cover to be taken out while others will cap it for certain occupations and age groups

Can I combine the policy with other types of insurance?

Most insurers will let you combine your life cover with TPD and Trauma to ensure you have adequate protection for “living events”. Combining cover should result in a premium discount.

What is the maximum entry age and expiry age of the policy?

Consider age limits e.g. when you can no longer apply and when your policy will stop covering you.

If you are a senior looking for cover, age limits and when your policy will end can vary between insurers.

How is your occupation covered?

.Conditions on the cover that is provided can vary between insurers based on your occupation. There may be insurers specialising in cover for your occupation i.e. if you are a high-risk worker.

Can I increase my cover without having to take another medical check?

Some insurers will offer what is known as “Guaranteed Insurability” which lets you increase your cover without having to take another medical exam.

How is your occupation covered?

Some insurers will offer what is known as “Guaranteed Insurability” which lets you increase your cover without having to take another medical exam.

What are the policy features?

Look at the range of features provided automatically and those that can be purchased for an additional premium. It might be painful but actually taking the time to get an understanding of these and whether they actually apply to your situation is extremely valuable.

How flexible is the policy?

Find out if there are any restrictions to adjusting your level of cover, who is covered on your policy and if you can remove certain features.

Considered speaking with a consultant?

An insurance consultant can help you assess your situation and find a policy to match your cover requirements. They can use their knowledge of the insurance industry to help you find discounts and insurers willing to work with your situation.

We can find a qualified insurance adviser local to you in Torrensville Plaza, South Australia.

It only takes 2 minutes!Get Matched Now

How much cover should I get?

Everybody’s situation is different so theres no perfect answer but generally you want to determine an amount that will cover the immediate and ongoing costs if you pass away so that your family or other financial dependents can continue their current way of life.


We Are Here To Help.

Getting help with navigating this new road is critical. You’re not alone and often the cost of the financial advice you will receive can be covered indirectly by your superannuation or any commissions the financial planner receives.

Stress over money issues is virtually unavoidable in divorce, and what may help during this difficult time is someone partial who is not going to judge you but provide clarity and make the major financial considerations easier and simpler for the future.

Now that your future and goals have changed, a financial adviser can help you understand your range of options and map out a plan which can help you deal with the challenges of the future.


Your Future- is it in your hands or someone else’s?

We are reminded of the great Earl Nightingale’s comment about getting a fire going for a fireplace; “Give me heat and then I’ll add the wood”. This is how most people run their lives. We can’t rely on someone or the government to look after us in retirement or in the future.

It’s your turn to have the life you desire. If you fill in the two minute form, one of our professional advisers can give you a call and help you make a difference.

Get Matched With The Perfect Life Insurance….. It only takes 2 minutes!Get Matched Now