There are 18,000 financial planners in Australia according the recent ASIC data. We are only looking for the top 0.55% of advisers to work with. It is our brand and reputation and we want to ensure our quality leads get handled correctly. Are you who we are looking for?

In order to apply for leads, we have provided you the information you need to help clarify all the details. Please click on the appropriate item to find out more:

How to Access Quality Leads

To get high quality leads you filling in your expression of interest form. Filling this in does not guarantee leads because we have to ensure we are allocating the leads to the right planner. We will do our due diligence before we can allocate leads.

How it works

Access The Scorecard Here

The lead come in 4 qualities A, B, C and D. You will only be paying an upfront amount for the “A” and “B” leads. In our experience the “C” leads, while free to you, should result in revenue. Please click on the link to see how we categorise our leads. The upfront investment for  “A” and “B” grade leads is currently $199 plus GST and must be paid for upfront/ in advanced before the leads can be allocated. This would be the same as any marketing strategies that you might employ including networking, SEO, seminars and others. The best way to think of “A” quality is your “A” grade quality where as “B” is your everyday opportunity like your risk and super deal.


For the first 3 months, as this is a probationary  or pre-vetting period for both parties, we will be allocating each practice five “A” and/ or “B”grade leads per month. We cannot guarantee that you will get all 5 in the first week but we can guarantee by the end of the month you will have your quota of “A” and “B” quality leads. While we pre-qualify leads and help you avoid the “suspects”, getting a “A” Grade or “B” grade lead does not mean a  “lay down misère”.  The leads should be a very good quality but we are not guaranteeing you will make sales every time.


Access The Financial Planner's Process Here

At the back end and after every month will be consolidating what you have spent with your sales made. The expectation is from both parties is this becomes a very fruitful endeavour and you assist improving clients situation and get paid accordingly. At the back end, we are asking for 20% of all upfront and ongoing revenue for our leads. This would be paid to us less any upfront payments of “A” and “B” leads, GST and licensee fees. This is the process:

  1. Every month, when you are down to two leads (usually in the final week) we will debit you card for a new amount of leads.
  2. AT the end of the month we invoice you with the lead names for your review. This allows you time to review the lead names.
  3. Every month we will consolidate the income owed to Find Life Insurance and take that off any upfront amounts already contributed.
  4. If 20% referral payment on all sales (net of GST and licensee fees) exceeds the pay per lead amount, the financial planner pays the difference in commission.
  5. If  the income owed to Find Life Insurance is less than what’s has been paid for “A” and “B” quality leads, no additional amount is paid to Find Life Insurance  at that moment in time.
  6. Regular meetings both face to face and over the phone are conducted to establish how things are going
  7. The 20% figure is a accumulating figure and a financial planner could owe us additional revenue in the first month.

Are You The Right Planner?

We would love to work in partnership with the right planner and we work hard to make this relationship symbiotic. However before we can allocate leads we will need to do our due diligence and make sure we don’t give potential clients to the wrong planner.

Our Due Diligence Form

Attached here is our due diligence form. As it’s our reputation on the line, as well as your licence we will not allocate leads until the details are confirm and we are happy that our leads are not going to be handled poorly. We will not allocate you “A” and “B” grade quality leads if your payment has not cleared. If you payment has not cleared and you’re a quality planner, we are happy to provide you “C” and “D” leads as no cost to you.

What are your competencies?

As we know, a financial planner can have different levels of qualifications. As indicated in the form about we need to know you are qualitied and to what level and what are you authorised to provide advice on. This will help we don’t waste your potential client’s time by allocating a lead you could never have serviced.

Is there any reason we shouldn’t give you leads?

If there is any reason we wouldn’t give leads, we should know before we waste each other’s time. There is no point working with a financial planner that has been banned, under an ASIC audit or about to be suspended. If you are just a new Planner and don’t have at least 3 years experience in the industry or an employee of a bank, we cannot allocate you leads.

In summary if the feedback from all the investigation does not indicate you are a great financial planner with good morals and ethics, we will not be able to allocate leads to you.

Help us by providing us feedback

Access Our Shared Document Here

In order to keep feeding you leads, we need you to let us know how the leads are progressing. This is done by updating the google shared spreadsheet, made for you specifically. If spreadsheet is not updated then we cannot allocate leads to you.

We need to know how much commission we are owed. Currently this is done by providing a copy of fee estimates and the “cost of our advice” section on the Statement of Advice. We expect to get paid accurately  for the referrals we are providing to you.

Let us know any other feedback which can help improve the experience for you. If this lets you convert more opportunities and get great clients that are a better quality for you, this will be a great outcome for both parties.

How Do We Add Value to You

What Value we are Adding To You?

Access The Call Process

In an effort to save you time and money we will be pre-qualifying the leads for you using the attached questions. There are currently around 60 and over 250 people that you don’t have to speak to in any given month as we are saving you time and money.

As you are aware to get a client worth $2000 to $10,000 and beyond you have to spend about the same amount of money as the client may be worth. These are the steps we are taking to make the process easier for you:

  1. Saving you time by removing the low quality/ no quality leads. Over a month period we could be easily saving between 3-5 hours of time.
  2. Pre-qualifying the lead, so you don’t go in cold with no or little information. This will  assist to help convert the lead and earn more income.
  3. Saving you money. Normally to pre-qualify leads you may get a VA or do this procedure yourself. As we are doing it, this allows you to focus on more important things- The growth of your business.
  1. We can provide you a virtually unlimited amount of opportunity/ leads (“A” and “B” type) to grow your business fast. As long as you are prepared to meet us half way and pay for our services upfront, we can provide all the good quality leads you will ever need in a month.

Access An Our Pre-Qualification Form

Some Examples

Some Examples


Example 1:

A financial planner buys 10 leads every month. They spend $1990 (ex GST) per month. At the end of 3 months they have earnt  $50,000 in commissions and owe Find Life Insurance $10,000. As the financial planner has paid $5970 (ex GST) already to Find Life Insurance, they owe the difference of  $4030 (plus GST) in commission to Find Life Insurance.

Example 1

Therefore, the financial planner owes the Find Life Insurance $4030 plus GST for the quarter.


Example 2:

A financial planner buys 10 leads every month. They spend $1990 (ex GST) per month. At the end of 3 months they have earnt  $27750.00 in commissions and owe Find Life Insurance $5550.00 (EX GST). As the financial planner has paid $5970 (ex GST), they do not owe Find Life Insurance anything.Example 2

Example 3- Accumulation over time:

A financial planner buys 10 leads every month. They spend $1990 (ex GST) per month. At the end of 6 months they have invested $11940 in marketing with Find Life Insurance. They have earnt  $77,750.00

in income from Find Life Insurance. They owe $15550.00 in commissions to Find Life Insurance. Taking away what they have already paid, the financial planner owes Find Life Insurance the difference of  $3610.00.


If getting pre-qualified leads would help your business succeed, fill in the form adjacent and we can start helping you grow your business.